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Quiet Games for LDS Kids

Developer: Ketchup FireHydrant Studios
0.99 usd

We'd all love it if our elementary age kids sat in church quietly taking notes and paying attention. But let's be honest, does that really ever happen? Most of the time our kids make noise and cause everyone around to get distracted too. This app will help in 3 ways: 1) Your kids will be quietly engaged2) You and your neighbors will be able to pay attention better3) Your kids will have fun without making a soundHere are the 6 games: Bingo, Word Search, Memory, Prophet Matching, Temple Matching, and Hangman
- Bingo: The classic conference bingo now with different sizes and always randomized.- Word Search: A fun word search game with LDS words that will keep children engaged.- Memory: Try to match each picture with its matching counterpart. No score so the kids won't fight :)- Prophet matching: Learn each prophet's name and face. Includes latter-day prophets and modern day apostles.- Temple matching: Match the temple to it's correct name. Learn what each of the temples look like.- Hangman: Try to guess the lds word before the picture is completely drawn.
So sit back and enjoy General Conference or Sacrament meeting while your children are quietly engaged.